About Us

Visit Petitudo for professional Pet Grooming, Pet Spa, Pet Boutique and Dog Grooming in our clean, friendly and air-conditioned environment. Your pet will love our tender trained groomers in our spacious shop with a pet friendly environment location away from the busy roads and crowd. Our shop has a high pet safety standard to ensure your pets are in the best care ever; Petitudo has attain bizsafe level 3 with recommended safe environments and procedures in place..

Petitudo Differences

At Petitudo, our delicate staff are trained to provide a pleasant pet grooming, pet spa experience for your lovely pet. Our pet grooming and pet services premise uses odour-less paint for our sensitive pet’s nose. Our pet shop is very spacious to provide a stress free environment for any new or regular pets so that they can roam around with ease. You may visit our shop to see our big fully air-conditioned environment anytime.

Our staff will evaluate the behaviour and habits of your pet to understand them better. Evaluation of your pet will help us to take note of any special requirements like jumping off grooming table or resting preference. This evaluation also helps to inform our staff of any aggression that may pose injury to our staff and other pets. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this strict evaluation.

Petitudo Experience

Petitudo feels the importance to give our customers a good pet grooming experience. This is the same for us that we will patronise a shop more often if the experience is pleasant and good service. We want to see your pet to enter our shop happy with minimum stress and willingly. We delicate our work in provide a cozy and comfortable environment for our pet customers, so they wish to come again.

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