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Why you should feed your furkid fresh food

A Purdue study showed that if you give your dog even just a little bit of fresh food with their diet, it reduces their risk of cancer by 90%, according to
Try Singapore’s No. 1 fresh pet food, PetCubes, today. One meal (yummy human-grade fresh dog food) costs less than $3!

A Superhero’s Secrets To Looking Good

Grooming with natural products


We use all-natural shampoo and SPA products for our comprehensive grooming services.

All-natural Pet Products

We sell all-natural pet products to ensure no toxic residues on your furkids.


Our specially-curated food offerings are made from fresh ingredients to offer balanced meals for your furkids.

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Tips on preparing healthy fresh meals for your furkids

How to stop your dog from

Ways to calm your anxious

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