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DON’T MISS: The only all-natural shampoo you need for your furkid

Worried about harmful synthetic compounds that can damage your pet’s skin and fur, your furkid ingesting chemicals, or allergies caused by additives?
Fret not – Our NATURAL GO-GO SHAMPOO to the rescue!
Power-packed with the goodness of goat milk powder, organic aloe vera, organic honey, organic coconut oil and organic lemon scented tea tree essential oil, our new all-natural shampoo is totally free of toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients.
What’s more – it also contains natural oils which provide moisturising properties, without the need for additional conditioner. The organic lemon scented tea tree essential oil is also antibacterial and can act as an insect repellent too. (Read: save money)
Say hello to fluffy clean fur and healthy hydrated skin! ($24) (U.P. $28)

Grooming with natural products


We use all-natural shampoo and SPA products for our comprehensive grooming services.

All-natural Pet


We sell all-natural pet products to ensure no toxic residues on your furkids.


Our specially-curated food offerings are made from fresh ingredients to offer balanced meals for your furkids.

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