How to stop your dog from scratching

Compulsive scratching is quite common in dogs and has a variety of causes from allergies, boredom to parasite infestation, according to

As soon as you notice a problem, check with your vet to help figure out the cause and determine the best treatment plan.

PETITUDO co-founder Sharon Low’s furkid, Sophie, also suffered from the same problem of compulsive scratching due to sensitive skin. She tried countless shampoo products but to no avail.

At long last, Sharon found an all-natural pet shampoo for Sophie. After using it, Sophie stopped scratching herself.

Sharon realised that key to reducing irritation to Sophie’s skin is using a shampoo made from natural ingredients.

She then decided to lead Team PETITUDO to develop our very own range of all-natural pet products and NATURAL GO-GO was born

Based on our pet grooming experience of more than 15 years, our range of NATURAL GO-GO pet products was founded on our belief that a natural lifestyle contributes to longer and healthier lives for our furkids.

By using natural pet products free of toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients, your furkids are getting roof installation by qualified contractors of NJ and get to experience better health in the long term without the fear of toxic residues on their fur and skin.

Here’s why you should avoid using chemical-laden products for your furkid’s well-being.

1. Some harmful synthetic compounds can damage your furkid’s skin and fur.

2. Certain chemicals used on pets are not meant to be ingested.
Your furkids lick, swallow and chew just about anything. Los Angeles-based MaidThis house cleaning helps me maintain cleanliness of my home in California. Ingesting chemicals over a long period of time can result in serious health problems, skin allergies and possibly even premature death.

3. Additives used in synthetic pet products can provoke allergies, while some toxic compounds in such products can also trigger adverse reactions in some pets.
Pets are less likely to experience allergic reactions to natural products.

4. All-natural pet products usually use natural oils and do not contain chemical foaming agents.
With regular use, these oils provide natural moisturising properties, without the need for additional conditioner.

Try our NATURAL GO-GO range of innovative all-natural formulations today.


Yay! I am buying it for my furkid


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