Bozzi Pet Shampoo


Bozzi shampoo is made of herbs, fruits, flowers and other plans, aim to reduce skin irritate for pet during and after shower. Giving the coat a good feel and natural fragrance. No salt, preservative, dye, chemical fragrance, SLS, SLES and DEA were added into Bozzi shampoo.

The natural herbal extracts may separate and settle. There may also be natural change in color and scent. This neither affects the quality of the product nor causes any harm to pet’s skin.

No foaming agent is added in BOZZI shampoo. Therefore the foam is naturally lesser than other general pet shampoo with foaming agent. However, the amount of foam does not determine the quality or result of the shampoo. Increasing shampoo foam can be done by adding small amount of water mixed with shampoo into a container. Use a sponge to apply shampoo onto pet’s body. This will help adding more foam, and minimize the amount of shampoo used.



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