ZiwiPeak Pet Food

About Ziwipeak Pet Food

Ziwipeak is the company that kept thinking how the animals could be provided the equal nutrition of raw food through dried foods. Thus, started its journey of producing food, through special preparation, removing the water content from the raw foods, like meat. But these foods were purely prepared and no added flavors or nasty things were mixed with it. The company aimed to be the one that would help the pets to stay happy as well as energetic. The main factory location is at Mount Maunganui. Here all the food preparation is mainly done. The company produces food cans that are specially made for certain specific countries like USA. In this way they have build a flexible relation with most of the countries. Countries like Australia serve their pets mostly through Ziwipeak dog food. The cans that are used for their product are manufactured under special supervision so that the food remains equally well under all weather conditions.

Ziwipeak Quality Pet Food

Ziwipeak dog food is prepared keeping in mind that the dogs are members of the omnivorous class of animals. But often dogs are seen to show peculiar carnivorous behavior. The food is prepared in two ways, one classifying as diet from the wild, keeping it as raw, and the other one just dried food but with the same nutritional value as raw diet. The raw food includes different organs of different animals like liver, the bean shaped kidney, the breathing organ lungs and so on. Even though these foods are provided raw, they may sometimes be mixed with vitamin providing food such as extra fishes and other things. This makes this food, to be the most suitable for pets, as compared to the others available in the raw state. Other than this, they have kept the option of consuming dried foods also.

The dried foods are all air dried. It is prepared gently and with much care thereby reducing damage to the essential components of the food like protein, the body building component, carbohydrates, providing strength to the body and calcium, helping in strengthening of bones and certain necessary enzymes. Chondroitin, an essential mineral forms an important part of the Ziwipeak dog food. The foods are prepared such that there is no need for providing the pet with other nutrition in the form of any supplement or energy drink.

Ziwipeak Food Review

  • Mostly the dog owners are main purchasers of Ziwipeak dog food. Hence the feedback taken from them would be the best to judge the product. Such a feedback says ziwipeakmanufactures foods that are best suited to dogs and are carefully prepared especially for allergy prone dogs.
  • Another review says, the dogs simply love to take Ziwipeak dog food because of its awesome taste. This is a specialty of this brand, as it can be said. All the other brands which produce high quality dog foods do not usually have such tasty dog foods.
  • In spite of all these good reviews, there is a complain regarding this brand. Dog owners say that ziwipeak dog food is too expensive and difficult to purchase, for people belonging to simple middle class families. Along with this, it often becomes out of stock, and is not always easily available.

We have many good reviews on Ziwipeak that picky dogs will enjoy the taste of Ziwipeak.


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