Petitudo Pamper Your Pet Promotion – Promotion end

Pampering Spa for your Dog Promotion!

If it is your Dog’s Birthday Month, your dog enjoy a 20% off Spa Pamper treatment.

Even if it is not your dog’s birthday month, having a Full Grooming, your dog will enjoy 15% OFF the Spa Treatment.

We are offering three types of dog spa treatments. in this promotion; Hydro scented salt treatment, Dead sea mud mask treatment and Herbal bath treatment.


10% OFF for first timer “Cats and Rabbits” Customers only.

Petitudo is also running a limited promotion for Cat and Rabbit Grooming. Yes! We offer grooming for Cat Grooming and Rabbit Grooming too! While the dogs are known to have grooming to have nice fur style and groomed body, so can this be done to cats and rabbits too. Let your loved pet cats and pet rabbits be cleaned and groomed, make yourself a proud owner of these pets. Spread the word around to enjoy the same good service grooming for Cats and Rabbits.

Call us now for this Great Pamper Your Pet Promotion!


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