Proprietory SPA Treatment

A must-try for your furkids! Our one-of-a-kind SPA treatment is supercharged with the natural goodness of Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Oats, Green Tea, Kaolin, Pineapples, Goat Milk Powder, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Honey and Organic Coconut Oil present in our own natural pet products used in the process. Your furkid will definitely enjoy our NATURAL GO-GO SPA range – the 100% all-natural Superfood Scrub, Clay Mask and Shampoo – which helps exfoliate, purify and hydrate your furkid’s skin and fur coat. Talk about a luxurious invigorating SPA experience!

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How it works

Our customer service consultant will find out more from paw-rents about their furkid’s skin condition, diet, water intake, as well as any medical issues and pet products he/she is using. With the information provided, our consultant will advise on the SPA treatment best suited for their pet.
Our pet stylist will prepare the furkid for the SPA treatment by using water to wash off dirt from fur coat.
Our pet stylist will apply NATURAL GO-GO SUPERFOOD SCRUB to furkid’s wet coat and skin in circular motions, allowing the chia seeds to gently but effectively slough away dead skin and remove dirt. Chia seeds are used in our all-natural pet products because they are effective yet will not harm the pet’s delicate skin.
A hand-held massager will be used to help the furkid relax and stimulate the skin muscles to increase blood circulation too.
Rinse off and follow with NATURAL GO-GO CLAY MASK. Our pet stylist will apply the mask evenly to furkid’s body and leave it on for 10 minutes for the Kaolin to draw out and absorb the oily dirt, as well as soften furkid’s skin. For pets with skin problems, applying Kaolin to the affected areas can soothe inflammation and help extract toxins. Meanwhile, our stylist will wrap towel around furkid’s body and massage pet’s temple area to help him/her relax.
Rinse off and follow with NATURAL GO-GO SHAMPOO. Our pet stylist will apply shampoo to furkid’s body in circular motions to remove any build-up of dirt. He/She will leave shampoo on coat for 5 – 10 minutes to deep-cleanse and hydrate furkid’s skin before rinsing shampoo off with lukewarm water.
Our pet stylist will blow dry fur and proceed to style coat.


How To Select Right Shampoo For Pet

Adopting a pet can utterly transform your pet life and yours also. Have you ever research about animal welfare like purchasing of food, assorted shampoos, and other grooming necessities. In fact, most of the time. you’ll eventually notice the characteristic if your pet spends a lot of time outside it seems to revel in being stinky hence their skin required special treatment. Although most pet owners are concerned with the lifestyle of their pet dogs whereas they don’t do socialization, mental stimulation & exercises. We have prepared for you a tailored solution to monitor the routine activities of your pets to meet their needs. Initial vaccination, de-worm and health care checkups are regularly have been done from our end, once being registered from the health clinics we also give health certification or report card of your pet.

Pet Styles In Demand

In the last few years. pet groomers in the city are in exorbitant demand. Most of the pet owners have craze in experimenting with unique styles for their pets as they spending on various styling options.

Equipment and shampoos are requisite however depend on their costs and skins of your pets. Constrained to take extra care while trimming hair on the sensitized area like their eyes and nose even if you don’t have any idea how your pet reacts either off sometimes, they try to jump off the table.

Shampoos For Pet

In the market there is a lot of varieties of shampoos available so how do you pick a right shampoos for pet. It is reckoned that pet skin is more sensitive than human skin thus it is vital to use a shampoo that is pH balanced and contain ingredients that are not too harsh for delicate skins of pet.

While selecting the right shampoo for pets keep contemplating over reasons for bath and condition of your pet skin and coat. It is mentioned on the packaging of shampoo about their ingredients and warning is given it can produce any severe consequences. Here we suggest some shampoos for pet that will best be suited to eliminate allergens and dirt as well as soothe the skin of your pet.

1. Relief Shampoo

If your pet skin is dry, flaky, itchy and prone to allergic than use this shampoo.

2. Veto quinol Care Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo

A shampoo formulated with oatmeal will provide relief from itching for pets having sensitive skin.

3. Epi-Soothe Shampoo

Most of the pets are very tender and sensitive to detergents and strong fragrances. Epi-Soothe Shampoo is a soap-free shampoo made with tea tree oil soothes pets by providing relief to their itchy skin.

Keeping in mind following guides to select the right shampoo for a pet

Read product reviews.

Be aware of allergies your pet has.

Shampoo should maintain the right PH and
balancing skin temperature.

Avoid too many harsh chemicals.

Identify your pet needs.

Choose gentle and medicated dog shampoos.

Pay attention to your pet skin types and their degree of sensitiveness.