Why your furkid should use #PETITUDO products

Furkid’s skin problem for the past 6 years

Just to feedback on Kichi’s skin condition after using the shampoo for 3 times. Red spots healed and no more itchiness. Thank you very much for your recommendation. It helps to heal my Kichi’s skin problem which he has been suffering from for the past 6 years. We are very thankful!

One of the best products customer used for bath line

I have just used on my JapSpitz, her fur/coat was so clean, smooth and fluffy without any conditioner. One of the best products we have used for bathing line. Thank you.
Nixie Loo (pawrent)

Shampoo makes furkid smell good and also acts as conditioner keeping fur soft and fluffy

I love keeping things natural, and now with @petitudo Natural Go-Go Shampoo, everything from what I eat to what I shower with is natural! What makes my mummy and me like this shampoo even more is how good it smells. I take showers every 5 days to make sure I’m odour-free, and ever since the Natural Go-Go Shampoo came about, I smell good all the way till my next shower is due! On top of that, it also acts as a conditioner, leaving me soft and fluffy after every bath.

Lovely and comforting scent, works well on sensitive skin

The 100% all-natural formulations [Natural Go-Go Superfood Scrub & Clay Mask] with their lovely and comforting scent, work well on my furkids’ [cats] sensitive skin. Their fur looks really soft, glossy and smells clean.

Shampoo’s smell is addictive and doesn’t dry skin

I am falling in love with the scrub and mask. They are so gentle on the skin and smell like candy. Our favourite is the shampoo! Not only is the smell addictive and it doesn’t dry my skin. Never felt so clean like now.